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One thing that critics of the indoor tanning industry either don’t understand or refuse to admit is the reality that base tans acquired in a non-burning fashion at a professional tanning facility help to prevent sunburn.

It’s surprising. That is a fundamental cornerstone of the indoor tanning industry. And yet, after all these years, they refuse to acknowledge it. “Tans acquired at indoor tanning parlors have been studied and have a very poor ability to prevent sunburning,” the Skin Cancer Foundation claims on its web site.

We think the Skin Cancer Foundation’s claim deserves a second opinion. How about 30 million second opinions? Key to the success of the indoor tanning industry for more than two decades has been the ability of base tans, in proper combination with sunscreen usage outdoors, to protect people from sunburns on sunny vacations. Literally millions of indoor tanners will tell you it works. And it does.

Here’s what the sun-scare lobby either fails to understand or won’t admit: Sunscreen, as a product, is designed to prevent sunburn. A base tan essentially multiplies the ability of sunscreen to do its job. It’s all about protecting skin cells, one cell at a time, from overexposure and burning. Because a tan essentially enshrouds skin cells one cell at a time – in layman terms, much like the hard-shell coating of an M&M candy protects the chocolate – sunscreen is better able to do its job. Read Full Article Here.

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