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A preliminary review suggests that getting adequate vitamin D helps individuals exercise more strenuously while also exhibiting reduced signs of physical exertion, Details Magazine online reports.

“In layman’s terms, vitamin D helps you exercise harder without becoming more tired, or even more simply, vitamin D turns you into Superman,” Samuel Blackstone writes on Details.com.

Study participants given vitamin D had lower blood pressure and lower levels of the “stress hormone” cortisol than those given placebo. More surprisingly, though, after just two weeks of supplementation, participants were able to cycle 30 percent farther than they could in the same time prior to the study. And while the participants were able to increase their physical output, they amazingly also showed lower signs of physical exertion.

The theory is that because vitamin D apparently lowers levels of cortisol, which narrows blood vessels and arteries, the sunshine vitamin prevents blood flow from being restricted. The reduced blood pressure levels observed in the study also suggest that vitamin D reduces risk of heart disease, the study says.

Be careful, though. There is one pretty shocking potential side effect from vitamin D, according to the article: “…you start transforming into a suave, handsome, muscular man in a red cape who can fly.” Read Full Article Here.

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