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A large discrepancy exists between how much vitamin D people think they they are getting from their diet and how much they are really getting, according to the 2013 Functional Foods Consumer Survey. Sixty-eight percent of those surveyed by the International Food Information Council Foundation thought they were obtaining adequate daily vitamin D, but only 32 percent actually met the recommended Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI).

It’s also important to note the government’s DRI of 600 IU, which most people are not reaching according to the survey, is far less than the intake recommended by most vitamin D experts. The Vitamin D Council, a nonprofit organization working to educate the public on vitamin D, sun exposure and health, recommends 5000 IU/day for adults, with an upper limit of 10,000 IU/day.

Researchers surveyed more than 1000 adults between ages 18 and 80 and compared their responses to data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and Dietary Reference Intakes.

“Effective messages about functional foods must address the top barriers to functional food consumption and foster…belief in the health benefits…to motivate consumers to achieve and maintain optimal health through diet and lifestyle modification,” the authors of the study concluded.

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