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Meet the Owners

Allow us to formally introduce ourselves: We are Steve and Lisa Di Giovanni – two badass OG’s originally hailing from the M.Dot (you know, where Wonderland is!)…with a 9:30 bedtime.

It’s only been a short time, but we appreciate how welcoming everyone has been! We have some new ideas we would like to implement, but we’ll continue to strive to give great/responsible service this location has provided for this town for the last 20+ years! Be sure to come by – we’d love to meet you!

Stay tuned to our website and @deserttanstudio on Instagram – we can’t wait to show you we have in store!

Come Away with Us

Have you dreamed of visiting paradise? Come away with us to the Caribbean –soak up the healthy UV Rays in our tanning beds as the perfect location that offers uninterrupted relaxation while you feel like you’re lying on white-sandy beaches, experience summer tropical breezes, authentic Caribbean warmth, and rich inviting relaxation away from the distractions of everyday life.

Yes even if it is only for 10 or 15 minutes….you will feel rejuvenated in such a short time.

Health benefits from the needed Vitamin D will catapult you into the right place!


At Desert Tan we offer nothing but the best. All our tanning equipment is top quality ”TanAmerica“ and “Tanses” Sun beds, which will help you achieve the darkest and longest lasting tan possible. We offer 6 different types of sun beds from our Stand-Up Sun Capsule to our entry level turbo powered sun bed.

Sanitization & Customer Service are two key components that has built our reputation in the city. We are diligent and very thorough about properly sanitizing your room between each and every visit. Tan with confidence, as your individual tanning experience, enjoyment, and maximum results are ensured. We control your tanning environment to give you the tan that you desire, while reducing your risk of sunburn. Our Tanning beds are completely disassembled and cleaned inside and out on an ongoing basis. The bulbs are constantly checked, tested and changed long before it is recommended; making it absolutely certain you will be getting the most out of your tan.

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