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Take advantage for no additional cost when sharing your tanning package sessions. Just give the name of your additional persons and we will take care of the rest. Unfortunately this does not include the unlimited monthly packages. Be sure to tune into @deserttanstudio on Instagram for all our latest product releases, contests, and giveaways!

Our Beds & Lotions

Our beds use a unique blend of UVA & UVB rays to promote melanin production and to give you the rich brownness you desire. Nothing makes your eyes pop more than beautiful glowing colour on your face. Also, not all lotions are created equal; Tanning Salon Quality lotions take you where you want to go quickly and deeply. Don’t trust your skin to an inferior product.

Desert Tan knows every individual has different requirements or desires from tanning. We strive to accommodate our patrons and cater to their tanning needs. We offer a wide variety of tanning options, so you can tailor-make your own packages to suit your schedule, requests and budget. Read about our packages and find which package suits you best:


Starting from $13. Ideal for tanners that want to try our sun beds before purchasing a bigger package. Student rates available!



Starting from $50. Our Session Packages allows you the flexibility to tan on all our different Sun Beds. With 2 year expiry on packages, this accommodates you to tan on your own schedule. Sharing available with these packages. Student session rates available!


Starting from $60. Ideal for tanners that want to tan often, right before an event, a holiday or just personal preference. Unlimited use of our standard beds you choose for 30 days. Sharing not available for this package.


We are dedicated to delivering quality service while using quality products from California Tan Sunless. The CT Sunless custom airbrush spray tanning solution that we use contains wonderfully moisturizing ingredients that works with your skin tone to give you a gorgeous natural looking glow within minutes! Click here for more info.

PACIFICA – LEVEL 4 (Bronzing)

Our strongest and fastest bronzing bed, with a combination of UVA/UVB lights pushed to an output of 160 WATTS. The high-pressure bulbs in the Pacifica’s facial is only UVA rays. The max time is 14 mins. Pacifica sessions are $111 for ten sessions, a $4 upgrade from your regular sessions, or just $1.80/min.


Our stand up LEVEL 5 – SUN CAPSULE unit is the strongest. Its bulbs are 200 WATTS and omit a lot of UVB rays, which is what makes it so strong. The max time is 15 mins. The stand up Sun Capsule sessions are $100 for ten sessions, a $4 upgrade from your regular sessions, or just $1.80/min.

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