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How long does a spray tan last?

Your sunless tan custom spray tan will last roughly between 6 to 10 days if maintained properly. The day of your spray tan, we recommend rinsing it off with lukewarm water and only use a mild pH balance shower gel such as CT Colour Enhance Body Wash (refrain from using scrubs or high pH soaps) in order to avoid streaks, and moisturize daily with a quality oil free tan extending lotion for a longer lasting tan.

How to remove fake tan?

The best way to remove a fake tan is to prepare a hot bath, light up some candles, sit back and enjoy some ‘me time’. To ensure your old tan is removed entirely, we recommend you use an oil based body scrub exfoliator all over your body, ideally with an exfoliating mitt. You are now ready for a fresh new tan.

How to get a tan?

California Tan Sunless Professional is the solution we use in providing the best and most natural looking tan in just 8hrs. You have 2 possibilities in order to get a tan:

1) Professional in-salon airbrushed spray tan: you will be instructed to move into a few easy poses to ensure perfect coverage.

2) DIY at home: Whether you want to Prepare, Tan or Maintain, CT Sunless has a full range of personal self-tanning products that will provide you with a beautiful and natural looking tan at home.

*Ask us for more info.

Will colour rub off on my clothes?

Until you shower, you will notice some of the bronzer come off on your clothes, however the California Tan Sunless solution does wash out nicely. We recommend wearing dark and loose fitting clothing to wear after your tanning session.

Why am I Patchy?

This can occur if the client hasn’t exfoliated properly prior to their tan, medications, pregnancy, hormones, natural pigmentation differences, has sweat or come into contact with liquid prior to washing off their tan, if the technician has missed areas on the clients skin or over sprayed other areas.

What should I do to prolong my tan?

Prepare the skin by exfoliating (shaving and waxing the day before are also helpful) prior to your spray tan, this will remove the body of dead skin cells. Apply oil free tan extending lotion daily to maintain constant colour in the skin. Avoid hot baths or showers, swimming, saunas, excessive sweating. Drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated. You should expect 6-10 days from a spray tan when maintained as per above. Expect 4-7 days if none of the above is maintained. We also suggest using any CT Sunless self-tanning products in between sessions as they work wonderfully for touchups.

Can I shave/wax my legs/body parts before or after the tan application?

Clients are advised to shave/wax at least one day prior to their spray tanning session.

I have sensitive skin, can I still be sprayed?

If you has eczema, dermatitis, or psoriasis it’s best to patch test the skin. If the skin has no reaction within 24 hrs, the spray tan may go ahead.

Can pregnant or breastfeeding women be sprayed?

Testing has shown that DHA does not penetrate the skin, nor enter the blood stream, therefore, it appears safe to spray pregnant women. As a precaution we suggest clients who are pregnant to get permission from their doctor. For women who are breastfeeding, inform that they should ensure their nipples are wiped over before breastfeeding.

Do I have to take all of my clothes off?

Absolutely not! You should feel comfortable and can choose to wear an old swimsuit, underwear, g-string or (women only) can go completely naked if they prefer. Please note that whatever you wear, you will have tan lines.

During my shower, I have noticed some colour washing away...

This is fine and completely normal. The excess colour that is washing away is just the extra bronzer.

How often should I moisturize after being spray tanned?

The more the better! We advise moisturizing at least once or twice a day. This will also help your tan to fade evenly while keeping the skin well nourished.

After being sprayed, do I still need to wear sunscreen?

Yes! Continue to apply SPF as usual because a spray tan does not protect against the sun – tanning solution does not contain sunscreen.

Can I wear make-up straight after my tan?

Wearing oil free make-up is fine, however clients should not wash their face or apply make up or moisturiser prior to washing off your tan as water stops the development process. Makeup applied before the tanning session will act as a barrier so it is likely that the tan on their face will be slightly lighter than on the rest of their body.

I frequently go swimming, will this affect my tan?

Yes, swimming in chlorine water and/or salt water will cause the tan to dissolve quicker and fade in colour.

How long do I have to wait before washing after my spray tan?

As California Tan Sunless is not a TRUE 12hr tan, we recommend leaving your CT Sunless tan on for at least 8-12 hours to get the most colour out your tan (do not exceed 24 hours), but for a softer glow, you may rinse off after just 4 hours. Your tan will feel tacky to the touch for roughly 10 minutes while air drying, but will take 8 hours to fully dry.

California Tan Sunless is a natural true- to-your-skin type of concentrated DHA solution, so the sunless colour begins to darken and show development after approximately 2 hours and continues to darken for up to 12 hours.

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